“Several decades ago, Doug Kenrick married evolutionary biology to social psychology and he has been a leader in this important field ever since. Unlike many scientists, he sees the big picture and writes with humor, wisdom, and verve."- Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University, Author of Stumbling on Happiness.

“Douglas Kenrick is a master in helping us understand our real nature.” - Dan Ariely, James B. Duke Professor of Behavioral Economics, Duke University, Author of Predictably Irrational

“Kenrick’s irreverent potpourri of personal anecdote, background science and catchy experiments makes evolutionary social psychology both entertaining and profound. Sex, Murder, and the Meaning of Life is a disturbing and fascinating read. It will make you wonder who you are.” —Richard Wrangham, Ruth B. Moore Professor of Biological Anthropology at Harvard University; author of Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human

“Douglas Kenrick is a brilliant thinker, gripping speaker, and a writer whose style is engaging, probing, and full of irreverence and wit.” —Sonja Lyubomirsky, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside and author of The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want.

“Douglas Kenrick is one of the most important scientists studying the evolutionary shaping of human drives and emotions.” —Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University; Author of How the Mind Works, The Language Instinct, and The Stuff of Thought

“Kenrick’s gift for speaking directly to the reader and making the abstract concrete through humor and homely examples make this an accessible and engaging exploration of how human behavior is connected to the behavior of our primitive ancestors.”—Kirkus Reviews

“One of the Founding Fathers of modern evolutionary psychology, Doug Kenrick is also regarded as one of the most brilliant, creative, and accessible scholars in all of the social sciences. But a conventional scholar he is not: One part academic, one part comedian, and one part street fighter from Queens, Kenrick has ruffled a few feathers in his time. His crisp and witty writing, and his willingness to put scientific correctness before political correctness, will make readers think, laugh, and blush all at the same time.” —Noah Goldstein, UCLA Anderson School of Management, author of New York Times best-selling Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

“This volume promises to become one of the most exciting and authoritative books on the topic of evolution and human behavior.” Bert Hölldobler, Foundation Professor of Life Sciences, Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, Arizona State University, Author of Superorganism: Beauty, Elegance, and The Strangeness of Animal Societies, Recipient of Pulitzer Prize for The Ants (with E.O. Wilson)

"Doug Kenrick is a superb writer with that rarest of academic attributes -- a sense of humor that translates well to the page. Readers of his book will enjoy themselves, unless they are grumpy academicians who have unfairly and inaccurately concluded that they do not have to pay attention to evolutionary psychology. The rest of us will have a fine time as we learn just how much evolutionary psychologists have to contribute to an understanding of our species."  —John Alcock, Regents Professor of Life Sciences, Arizona State University. Author of TheTriumph of Sociobiology, Sonoran Desert Summer, and the highly influential Animal Behavior: An Evolutionary Approach

“When one thinks about evolutionary psychology--which is increasingly necessary in all of the behavioral sciences--one has to think of Douglas Kenrick. Because of his rarified abilities to identify, uncover, and communicate important answers to vital human questions, he is both at the center and at the top of this burgeoning scientific field.” —Robert Cialdini, Regents Professor of Psychology and Carey Distinguished Professor of Business, Arizona State University, author of New York Times best selling Influence.

"Doug Kenrick is a brilliant thinker, a brilliant researcher, and a brilliant writer. His scientific discoveries dazzle and mesmerize, but they are also seminal. One testament is Kenrick's high professional profile. In my Evolutionary Psychology textbook, Kenrick's work is cited more than any other scientist. To top it off, Kenrick has a phenomenal sense of humor, unmatched by any other academic I've seen or heard; he could have easily been a professional stand-up comic. More to the point, he brings his wit and intellectual flair to dazzle readers, making the science of the human mind spring to life and grab readers around the throat. It's a certainty that Kenrick's book will be brilliant, witty, controversial, and a good bet to hit the best-seller list." —David Buss, Professor of Psychology, University of Texas, Author of The Evolution of Desire and The Murderer Next Door. Past President of the Human Behavior & Evolution Society

"Kenrick is exceptional among psychologists in understanding the connections between our biological evolution and our brain processes, but he is also exceptional among evolutionary psychologists in applying this knowledge to issues that really matter - like who we love and  who we hate, why people kill and save others, why they want meaning rather than chaos." Pascal Boyer, Henry Luce Professor of Anthropology and Psychology, Washington University, Author of Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought

"It’s great – Kenrick writes like a dream." Robert Sapolsky, Professor of Biology and Neurology, Stanford University, Author of A Primate’s Memoir and Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers.

"Doug Kenrick understood the meaning and significance of unconscious evolutionary drivers of social behavior long before that line of thinking became fashionable -- his work on fundamental social motives, published in the top psychology research journals such as Psychological Review, and Behavioral and Brain Sciences, has been a tremendously influential integration of evolutionary psychology, cognitive science, and the unconscious." John Bargh, Professor of Psychology and Management, Yale University, author of The New Unconscious.

“Doug Kenrick is perfectly suited to write this kind of book: One that is intellectually dead-on accurate with respect to facts and exposition of theory, and yet engaging and thought-provoking to a wide audience. Kenrick is a leading scholar and researcher in the field of evolutionary psychology.  He thinks deeply, critically, and clearly. At the same time, he’s a brilliant writer and teacher—and as able to be engagingly witty as anyone I know. His wit may focus on some sensitive topics, but it’s smart, intellectually insightful, and brilliantly illuminating.”—Steven Gangestad, President of Human Behavior & Evolution Society, Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Human Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, University of New Mexico, author of The Evolutionary Biology of Human Female Sexuality.

“His engaging and humorous writing style, and his fitting use of interesting and captivating real-life examples, makes even the most complex scientific findings come alive. Thus, his book is both scholarly and entertaining, a relatively rare combination in today's marketplace.” Jeffry Simpson, Editor of Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, Professor of Psychology, University of Minnesota, author of The Evolution of Mind

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